Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving and my Clifford Ancestry

For Thanksgiving, we journeyed to my grandparents' home in Anderson, IN. For those of you paying attention, you'll realize that since I was in Anderson, I was likely visiting my father's side of the family and you would be correct. We had four generations in that tiny house on the outskirts of town - my grandparents, my parents, my aunt and one of my uncles, four of the six grandchildren, three grandchildren spouses and the three babies (my cousins' children). It got a little hectic that's for sure. And as the babies grow and start sitting at the table like the oldest did this year, I start to think we need a bigger table.

While there, I noticed a frame in the hallway with old photos in it. One was easy to figure out -- it was my great grandfather Cookman and I knew that because Grandpa looks just like him. Unable to figure anything else out, I went to my father. He knew that a couple of the photos were Grandma's parents (which I should have known because her father had the distinctive Forkner chin), but didn't know who anyone else was. So I pulled the frame off the wall and perched on the loveseat arm next to Grandma to ask her. I remember that one of the photos was of the Dobell family (my grandfather's side) and another was her grandfather and step grandmother.

Then Grandma pulled out her copy of "Clifford Ancestry", a book her brother compiled a few years ago. I paged through it, sharing interesting bits with the relatives near me and realized that there was information in there that I didn't have in my research. I asked if I could borrow it until Christmas and she conceded, upon agreement of death if I fail to return it. I'll probably make myself a copy before I return it.

And I plan to spend most of the day at work looking at my research and comparing it to the book.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Royalty - Post #1 The Forkners

I am the daughter of Clifford Ray Cookman (Born August 2 1954 in Anderson Indiana). His mother is Kathleen Frances Forkner, and she is descended from English royalty (its just really far back) on the Forkner side.

Her father was Samuel Ray (Raymond) Forkner (Born 1 Jan 1892 in Anderson IN; Died 22 Jan 1956 in Anderson IN). He was the son of Martin Luther Forkner (Born 13 Aug 1850 in Madison Co IN; Married 1 March 1891 in Anderson IN to Victoria Belle Sharpe; Died 4 Dec 1937 in Anderson IN) He was the son of Samuel Forkner Sr and Elizabeth McShirley.

Samuel Forkner Sr was Born 3 Nov 1821 in Henry Co IN and married Elizabeth on 7 March 1844 in Henry Co IN. After Elizabeth’s death in 1858, he married for a second time to a woman named Mary E McMullen. He Died 5 Sept 1872 in Madison Co IN. He was the son of Jesse Forkner and Hannah Cornelious.

Jesse was Born 21 Oct 1798 in Surry Co NC, Married 13 Oct 1817 in VA and Died 18 Sept 1844. His parents were Issac Forkner and Mourning Moura Lawrence.

Issac was Born 12 May 1775 in Surry Co NC, Married 1797 in Grayson VA and Died 22 Jan 1863. He was the son of William Joseph Forkner Jr and Susannah Wells.

William Joseph Forkner Jr was Born 1752 in Surry Co or Patrick Co NC, Married 1772 in Surry Co NC and Died 1807 in Surry Co NC. His parents were William Joseph Forkner Sr and Priscilla Lewis.

William Joseph Forkner Sr was born Born 1714 in Queen Anne’s Co Maryland, Married 1750 in Surry Co NC and Died 1800 in Surry Co NC. He was the son of John Pleasant Forkner and Sarah Elizabeth Ford.

John Pleasant Forkner was Born 1678 in Queen Anne’s Co MD, Married about 1703 in Queen Anne’s Co MD and Died 1727 in Queen Anne’s Co MD. He was the son of Thomas Forkner and Margary Anne, last name unknown.

Thomas Forkner was Born 1655 in England, Married about 1677 in Maryland and Died 1709 in Talbot Co MD. His parents were John Forkner Sr and Elizabeth Filmer Dame.

John Forkner Sr. was born in 1628 in London England, was Christened 2 February 1633 in Wivelsfield Sussex England, married Elizabeth Filmer Dane about 1650 in England and Died 1729 in Queen Anne’s Co MD. He was the son of William Faulconer (Immigrant) and Elisabeth Filmer.

Now we’re going to switch to the female side of things. Elisabeth Filmer was Born 1592 in Manor, East Sutton, Kent, England and Died after 1635. She was the Daughter of Sir Edward Filmer and Elizabeth Dame Argall.

Elizabeth Dame Argall was Born 1570 in East Sutton Manor, East Sutton, Kent, England;Married 1585 in East Sutton Kent England and Died 9 Aug 1638 East Sutton, Kent, England. Her father was Sir Richard Argall, 11th Lord of Sutton and her mother was Mary Scott

Mary Scott was Born 1546 in Scotts Hall Kent England and Died 1605 in Kent England. She is Buried at East Sutton Church in East Sutton Kent England. Her parents were Sir Reginald Scott and Mary Tuke.

Sir Reginald Scott was Born 1520 in Scotts Hall, In Smeeth, Kent, England; Married about 1538 in Layer Marney, Essex, England and Died 16 Dec 1554 in Smeeth, Kent, England. He was the Son of John Scott and Anne Pympe.

Anne Pympe was Born about 1485 in Scotts Hall Kent England and Christened in Pympes Court Nettlestead Kent England. She died around 1530 or 1540 in England. She was the Daughter of Reginald Pympe and Elizabeth Pashley, Lady of Thevegate.

Elizabeth Pashley was born about 1448 and Died before 1485, both in Thevegate Near Smeeth Kent England. She was the Daughter of John Pashley Esq and Lowys Gower.

John Pashley Esq was born Born 1431/32 in Thevegate Near Smeeth Kent England. He Married about 1447 in Clapham Surrey England and Died 20 Nov 1468 in Thevegate Near Smeeth Kent England. He was the son of John Pashley Sr and Elizabeth Wydeville.

John Pashley Sr was Born about 1406/07 in Scots Hall Kent England and was Christened at Of The Mote, Iden, Sussex, England. He Married about 1424 in Scots Hall Kent England and Died 8 June 1453 in Thevegate Near Smeeth Kent England. He was the Son of Robert Pashley III and Lady Philippa Sergeaux.

Robert Pashley III was Born about 1370/80 in Pasele, Ticehurst, Sussex, England and Married about 1401 in Colquite Manor, St Mabyn, Cornwall, England. He Died 1406/07 in Pasele, Ticehurst, Sussex, England. He was the son of Sir Robert Pashley II and Anne Howard.

Anne Howard was Born about 1341 Wiggenhall Norfolk England and had her Christening at Frenchecourt Alias Fairlight Sussex England. She Died after 1397 in Fairlight Sussex England. She was the Daughter of Sir John Howard and Alice de Bosco.

Sir John Howard was Born 1310 Wiggenhall Norfolk England and Died 1388 Bath Norfolk England. He was a knight and the son of Sir John Howard and Joan Plantagenet-Cornwall.

Joan Plantagenet-Cornwall was Born about 1285 in Thunnock Lancashire England andDied 1341. She is Buried in the Howard Chapel in East Winch Norfolk England. She was the Daughter of Richard Plantagenet-Cornwall and Joan Fitzalan.

Richard Plantagenet-Cornwall was Born July 1246 in Berkhamstead Hertfordshire England. He married Joan about 1279 in Cornwall England and Died 1296 in Berwick Northumberland England. His parents were Richard, Prince of England and Sancha / Sanchia, Countess of Provence.

From Wikipedia -- Richard de Cornwall (1252–96) who married Joan Saint Owen (born 1260) and had children. He, however, died at the siege of Berwick-upon-Tweed in 1296.

Richard, Prince of England was Born 5 Jan 1209 Winchester, Winchester, Hampshire, England and married Sancha (his second wife) on 23 Nov 1243 Westminster Abbey Westminster Middlesex England. He Died 2 Apr 1272 Berkhamsteadcast, Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England and was Buried 13 Apr 1272 Hailes Abbey, Hailes, Gloucestershire, England. He was the son of King John of England and Isabella of Angouleme.

Richard held several titles – he was the High Sheriff of Berkshire at the age of eight, made the Count of Poitou from 1225 to 1243 and was made the 1st Earl of Cornwall in 1225. It was a birthday present from his brother, Henry III of England. The revenues from Cornwall made Richard one of the wealthiest men in Europe. Richard participated in the Crusades but did not fight, instead he negotiated the release of prisoners as well as the burial of Crusaders who died in battle and assisted with the rebuilding / refortification of Ascalon. In 1256, Richard was elected King of Germany. Richard founded Burnham Abbey in 1263 and the Grashaus in 1266. He died in 1272 and was buried next to Sanchia and Henry of Almain, his son by his first wife, at Hailes Abbey which he founded.

King John of England was Born 26 Dec 1166 in Kings Manor House, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England and Married Isabella on 26 Aug 1200 in Bordeaux, Gironde, France. He Died 19 Oct 1216 in Newark, Nottinghamshire, England and was Burial in Cathedral, Worcester, Worcestershire, England. He was the son of Henry II “Plantagenet” King of England and Eleanore of Aquitaine.

Henry II “Plantagenet” King of England was Born 5 March 1133 in Le Mans, Sarthe, France and Married Eleanor on 11 May 1152 in Bordeaux, Gironde, France. He Died 6 July 1189 in Chinon, Indre-et-Loire, France and was Buried 8 July 1189 at Fontevrault Abbey, Fontevrault, Maine-et-Loire, France. He was the son of Geoffrey V “Le Bon” Plantagenet and Matilda (Maud) Empress of Germany.

So I am the 25th great granddaughter of Henry II of England. There are also rumors that we also descend from one of Henry II's mistresses. I'll have to write about that later.

I know this is rather dry, but I really don't know how to liven it up. Ideas?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Mother to Daughter - The True Bloodline

Not that everything doesn't matter to some extent, but I personally feel that the best way to trace your blood is mother to daughter. After all, there's no proof that 100 years ago man fathered child, but you know that woman was the mother. One of the first things I did when I first got into genealogy was to trace my maternal line, mother to daughter. I traced back six generations before I hit a wall, one that I still have yet to break through.

I am Jennilee Cookman. I was born on Dec 21 1981 in Hamilton Ohio. My mother is Helen Marie Fink.

She was Born on June 3 1958 in Hamilton Ohio, at the same hospital I was born at actually - Fort Hamilton Hughes. She married my father, Clifford Ray Cookman, onJuly 13 1979 in Hamilton Ohio at Pleasant Ave First Church of God. She is the daughter of Virginia Lee Curtis.

Virginia (more commonly known as Jenny or Jenny Lee - guess where I got my name?) was born on September 27 1930 in Middletown Ohio. She married William Ripley Fink on 9 March 1953 in Middletown Ohio. She is the daughter of Sarah Helen Fox. (Guess where my mother got her name?)

Sarah Helen (also known as Helen or Sarie Ellie like her father called her) was Born February 1897 in Menifee County, Kentucky. She married Floyd Benjamin Curtis and died 22 December 1949 in Middletown Ohio, from tuberculosis. She was the daughter of Leah Powers and I think she was named after an aunt.

Leah (who my grandma Jenny was named after) was Born 1855 in Bath Co KY OR 8 Aug 1854 in Blackwater Morgan Co KY. She married James T Fox about 1883 and died March 30 1936 in Mt Sterling, Montgomery Co, KY. She was the daughter of Amanda Lyons. Children of Leah and James – Mariba, William “Billy”, Lizzie, Nannie and Helen.

Amanda was born September 11 1834 in Bath Co KY. She married Gilson Powers on September 25 1853 in Bath Co. KY and died between 1900 and 1907, maybe in 1903. She was the daughter of Martha Ann Jones. Interesting fact - Gilson's mother was named Leah, so its likely that they named their daughter after her.

I have never found very much information on Martha Ann. I don't know when she was born, I don't know when she died. All I know is that she married John Clark Lyons on March 11, 1833 in Bath County, Kentucky. My research has told me that this was probably a second marriage for her. Martha Ann already had a daughter named Lucy when she married John Clark Lyons and Lucy ended up married to a man named Jack Bashford. The fact that it was a second marriage is what gives us the problems -- No one seems to know what her maiden name was. Without knowing her maiden name, there's no way to know who her parents were. And that, my dear readers, is the brick wall.

So there you go. Six generations of my direct maternal line (well, seven if you count me). And the family tradition of naming our daughters after our mothers.