Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Royalty - Post #2 The Lyons

Virginia Lee Curtis was Born September 27 1930 in Middletown Ohio and Married William R. Fink on 9 March 1953 in Middletown Ohio. She is the Daughter of Sarah Helen Fox and Floyd Benjamin Curtis.

Sarah Helen Fox was Born February 1897 in Menifee County, Kentucky and Died 22 December 1949 in Middletown Ohio. She was the daughter of Leah Powers and James T Fox.

Leah Powers was in Kentucky, but I’ve found several years and places for her birth. They are -- 1855 in Bath Co KY; 8 Aug 1854 in Blackwater Morgan Co KY; 6 Aug 1854 Morgan County KY. She Married James T Fox about 1883 and Died 30 March 1936 in Mt Sterling, Montgomery Co, KY. She’s Buried – Machphela Cemetery, Mt Sterling, Montgomery County, KY. She was the Daughter of Amanda M Lyons and Gilson Powers. Her children with James are Mariba, William “Billy”, Lizzie, Nannie and Helen.

Amanda M Lyons was Born September 11 1834 in Bath Co KY and Married September 25 1853 in Bath Co. KY. She Died sometime between 1900 and 1907, maybe in 1903. She was the Daughter of Martha Ann Jones and John Clark Lyons.

John Clark Lyons was Born 1802 and Married three times. He was the son of Noah Lyons and Mary Clark(e).

Mary Clark(e) may have died before 1810. She was the daughter of Robert Clarke and Elizabeth Agnes Gay of Bourbon County. She had eight children with Noah Lyons -- John Clark, Sarah (Warner), Margaret (Bristoe), Samuel, Nancy (Garner), Elizabeth (Ingram), Mary (Sparks) and Robert.

Robert Clarke was Born 1745 in Augusta, Virginia and Married Agnes Elizabeth Gay in 1768 in Virginia. He Died 17 June 1800 in Bourbon, Kentucky. He was the Son of James Clark and Elizabeth Summers.

Elizabeth Summers was probably born between 1704 and 1707 in Augusta VA. She married James B Clark about 1724 in Virginia (alternatively in 1722 in Greenbrier WVa). She Died about 8 Oct 1781 in Augusta, VA (8 Oct 1778). She was the Daughter of John Summers and Elizabeth Thompson.

Elizabeth Thompson was Born 1689 in Virginia and was the Daughter of William Thompson and Eleanor / Ellen Montague.

Eleanor / Ellen Montague was Born 1633/1636 in Nansemond Co. VA. She Married William Thompson in 1649 in Lancaster Co. VA and Died 27 March 1659 in Middlesex Co VA. She was the Daughter of Peter Montague / Monteacute and Cicely Mathews or Hannah, I’m inclined to think its Hannah.

Peter Montague / Monteacute was Born 21 Jan 1603 in Boveney, Burnham, Buckingham, England. He married several times – First to Cicely Mathews in 1633 in Burnham, Buckinghamshire, England; second to Cecily Reynolds about 1645 in Henrico Co, Virginia and finally to Hannah in Nansemond Co. VA. He Died 1 May 1659 in Lancaster, Lancaster, Virginia. He was the Son of Peter of Boveney Montague and Eleanor (Helen) Allen.

Peter of Boveney Montague was Born 11 Dec 1580 in Boveny Parish, Burnham, Buckingham, England. He Married in 1600 Eleanor or Helen Allen in Burnham, Boven, England and Died 16 March 1638 in Warfield, Berkshire Co. England, GB. He was the Son of William Montague and Margaret Malthus/Malthouse.

William Montague was Born 1548 in Boveney, Burnham, Buckinghamshire, England and Died on 20 Mar 1594 in Boveney, Berkshire County, England. He married Margaret on 27 May 1560 in Dorney, Buckinghamshire, England. He was the son of Robert Montague and Margaret Cotton.

Robert Montague was born in 1528 in Beveney, Burnham, Buckingham, England and Died 16 Jan 1575/76 in Boveney, Buckingham, Buckingham, England. He married Margaret Cotton in 1547 in Boveney, Berkshire, England and they had six children: William Montague of Boveney, Catherine, a daughter, Agnes, Joan and Lawrence. He was the son of William Montague and Joan Grow.

William Montague was born in 1485 in Buckingham, Berkshire, England and died on 21 Mar 1555 in Boveney, Buckinghamshire, England. He married Joan Grow in 1513 and they had four children -- Robert Montague of Boveney, William Montague of Bray, Catherine Montague and Alice Montague. He was the son of Robert Montague.

Robert Montague was Born in 1455, Boveney, Berkshire, England and died in 1520 in Boveney, Berkshire, England. He was a yeoman. He had three sons – William, Robert and John. His father was Edward Montague.

Edward MONTAGUE was the son of Richard Montague.

Richard Montague was born after 1388. He had one son, Edward. He was the son of John MONTAGUE and Maud FRANCIS.

John MONTAGUE, the third Earl of Salisbury was Born about 1327 / 1350 in Donyatt, Somersetshire, England. He died 5 Jan 1399/00 in Cirencester, Gloucester, England and was buried at Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire, England. He was the son of Sir John MONTAGUE and Margaret De MONTHERMER.

He married Maud FRANCIS, the daughter of Sir Adam Francis and Agnes Champnes' before 4 May 1383. They had six children -- Thomas MONTAGUE (4º E. Salisbury), Richard MONTAGUE, Elizabeth MONTAGUE (B. Willoughby of Eresby), Margaret MONTAGUE (B. Ferrers of Groby), Anne MONTAGUE (D. Huntington) and Robert MONTAGUE.

Margaret De MONTHERMER Died about 24 Mar 1394. She was the daughter and heir of Sir Thomas Monthermer and his wife Margaret Teyes.

Sir Thomas Monthermer was the son of Joan of Acre and her second husband, Ralph De Monthermer.

Joan Plantagenet of Acre was in 1272 in Acre, Palestine. She died on 23 Apr 1307 in Clare, Suffolk, England and was buried on 26 Apr 1307 in the Priory Church of the Austin Friars in Clare, Suffolk, England. She was the daughter of EDWARD I "Longshanks" PLANTAGENET (King of England) and Leonor of Castilla (Countess Ponthieu). She was the Countess of Gloucester and Hertford.

Joan was betrothed to Herman of Austria who died in 1282. She married several times. Her first marriage was to Gilbert "the Red" De CLARE, the third Earl of Gloucester. They wed on 30 Apr 1290 at Westminster Abbey in London, England. They had four children - Gilbert De CLARE (4º E. Gloucester) (b. 10 May 1291), Eleanor De CLARE (b. Oct 1292) (m.1 Hugh Despencer - m.2 William La Zouche of Mortimer), Margaret De CLARE (b. Oct 1292), and Elizabeth De CLARE (b. 16 Sep 1295).

Her father arranged for her to marry Amadeus V "the Great," the Count of Savoy, but she had already secretly wed another.

Her second marriage was to Ralph De MONTHERMER, the first Earl of Hertford and a member of her father’s household. They wed secretly on Jan 1297 and had four children: Mary De MONTHERMER (b. 1298), Thomas De MONTHERMER (2º B. Monthermer) (b. 1301) (m. Margaret Teyes), Edward De MONTHERMER (3º B. Monthermer) (b. 1304) and Joan De MONTHERMER (Nun at Amesbury).