Monday, June 27, 2011

Powers Family Reunion II

I had a good time this year. I drove down to Mt Sterling KY with my mom and grandma, worked on a few things in the car during the long drive (sewing, costume planning and a job application). While there, I chatted with some distant cousins and discovered that I have one that has the same hobby I do - costuming. I friended her on Facebook and proposed we hang out at DragonCon.

EDIT My distant costuming cousin's name is Melissa and she's descended from Silas Powers, the brother of my 3rd great grandfather Gilson Powers. If I'm using the cousin chart correctly and if she is the same generation as me which is likely given our close ages, especially since Silas and Gilson were only about two years apart, then we are 5th cousins. She emailed me recently and said she'd love to do dinner while we're at DragonCon.

The next reunion might not happen, unless someone steps in to organize it. The spearhead of the reunion so far has decided she'll help for the next one, but not be the main person.

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