Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gravestones 9 to 12 - Ridgewood Cemetery in Wellston Ohio

My great grandmother Calfernie (nee Braley) Fink. Also known as Granny or Grandma Fern. She's the original owner of my sewing machine and the reason it's named Fern.

Fern's parents: Cora (nee Gleason, daughter of Levi and California) and Ripley Braley, my great great grandparents on the Fink-Braley line. 

William and Minerva (nee Dupre) Fink, my great great grandparents. 

My great aunt Esther Jo, my grandpa Bill's older sister. Not a direct ancestor, but a favorite relative and probably the one that I got my obsession with genealogy from. 

All of these graves are in the Ridgewood Cemetery in Wellston Ohio. 


  1. Too funny! Hi Jennilee, I probably met you when you were a baby. I'm your father's cousin. Harriet Clifford Forkner's brother (Robert Hadley Clifford) was my grandfather. My father was William R. Clifford. The funny thing is that I'm living now in Rio Grande, Ohio. I'm very familiar with a number of the cemeteries you've visited and posted about in southeastern Ohio. I was just looking for information on Emery Clifford (Civil War stuff... as I recall he was involved somehow) and your blog came up in my search. Say "hey" to your dad for me. He used to tease and torment my sisters, the Sloan boys and me at family reunions. Good luck with your research!

    1. Hi Amy! I *just* now saw this, sorry! That's hilarious that you live in Rio Grande, we totally stopped there for lunch last year on this trip lol

      I have pictures of the Clifford and Forkner graves as well. I keep meaning to post them... Anyways Emery was in the 17th Indiana Infantry, a lieutenant. Daddy was particularly excited cuz he's a Civil War buff. If you email me (midnyghtsnow@yahoo.com) I can see if I can hunt down the stuff I found regarding his Civil War service. And I'll work on getting those cemetery pictures posted so you can see them!