Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Compiling My Research

I'm undertaking the ambitious project to compile all my research, as well as more accurately document it.  Currently, my research consists of a total of several hundred pages (I think, might be closer to a thousand), split into four documents (one for each grandparent), of typed research, organized in my own fashion which pretty much only makes sense to me. My goal is to (1) get all of my research into genealogy charts (starting with five generation ancestor charts and I'll probably also do family group charts) (2) re do all my typed research into detailed research for each chart, including stories if I have them (3) document anything I can and include copies and (4) also include decent photocopies of all my family photos.  All of this is going to be organized into binders. I'll start with one per each grandparent, and break it down as necessary.

Speaking of, my mother just gave me a whole bunch of old photos! Including what we believe is Minerva and William G. Fink's wedding picture. She's one of my favorites. And one of William G. with his railroad crew, wearing a fantastic outfit. I may also be undertaking an ambitious sewing project of attempting to recreate Minerva's wedding outfit...

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