Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Clifford Ancestry Notes Part 2 - The Hollingsworths

"Elias Hollingsworth was born in Union Co. SC, probably married in Ohio, and died in Osage Co. Missouri. His wife Elizabeth Curtis was born in Harrison Co VA (Now WVa). There are supposed to have come to Madison Co IN from Clark Co. OH. Clark County was formed in 1818, about four years after the probable year (1814) of their marriage. Some years ago I searched the marriage records of the four counties surrounding Clark, but found no marriage record for Elias and Elizabeth. Her parentage remains unknown to me.

"Benjamin Hollingsworth was born in New Castle Co. DE and married and died in the area which became in 1785 Union District SC. He remained a Quaker in good standing until 26 Feb. 1780, when he was disowned "for taking up arms in a warlike manner". He was in the battle of King's Mountain (7 Oct 1780). According to an account many years later by another participant, "Ben Hollingsworth and myself took right up the side of the mountain and fought from tree to the summit." Ben was restored to Quaker membership 29 May 1790. He married Phebe Posey, daughter of Francis Posey and Mildred _____.

"The ancestry of Francis Posey has not been determined. It seems quite possible that he was descended from Francis Posey (1615-1654), who came to Virginia in 1637 and later moved to Maryland. The late James Emison of Terre Haute, IN published a book about the Posey family and identified Francis as a French Huegenot who was brought to England as a boy in the 1620s, and as a member of the French family of Poschet of Voyauz (near Cambrai). Our descent from this man remains only a possibility.

"Elias Hollingsworth was born in New Castle Co. DC and died in Union District SC. He married, at New Castle DE, Susannah Pearce. She died in South Carolina before 20 Aug. 1791, because Elias and Dinah ______ were shown on that date as husband and wife in a deed. Elias was disowned by the Quakers at least twice, the first time in 1760 for not paying his just debts. In 1763 Elias and Susannah and four children moved to Louden Co. VA and in 1766 to South Carolina where they lived in the area which in 1785 became Union District. He was reinstated in 1769 as a Quaker. With the onset of the Revolutionary War, he was disowned again 3 March 1776. He served as Quartermaster in the South Carolina militia. Later he became a Justice of the Peace.

"Valentine Hollingsworth was the immigrant ancestor. He was born at Ballyvickcrannel, Seagoe Parish, Co. Armagh, in northern Ireland (now Ulster). His father, Henry Hollingsworth, probably had come to Ireland from England in the 1620s as a part of the first Ulster plantation. Probably at a time not long after his marriage he became a Quaker. When he stopped attending the Church of Ireland services and paying his tithes, he got into trouble with the government. The magistrates began to seize his farm produce in lieu of his tithe. After several years of these losses, he emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1682. Very soon thereafter, he was a member of the first assembly of the Province of Pennsylvania and served in that body at later times."

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