Monday, July 18, 2011

Clifford Ancestry Notes Part IV - The Babbitts

Elizabeth "Betsey" Babbitt's "immediate ancestry is remarkable for cousin marriages...Nathan Babbitt and Abigail Babbitt were brother and sister, and both of them were first cousins of Abiathar Babbitt. So the parents of Elizabeth "Betty" Babbitt were first cousins, and the parents of "Betsey" were both first and second cousins.

"Levi Babbitt had three short terms of service in the militia in 1775, one term in 1777, and one term in 1778. He lived all his life in Norton, MA.

"Nathan Babbitt had one six month term of Revolutionary War service in 1778. He lived all his life in Norton, MA.

"Abiathar Babbitt had three terms of Revolutionary War service in 1777 and 1778. He was born in Easton, MA and lived there after marrying his cousin Abigail Babbitt until they joined the Shakers. All of the family, except Betty, who had married Levi Babbitt, then moved to the Shaker colony at Harvard, MA, where both Abiathar and Abigail later died.

"Edward Babbitt was the immigrant ancestor. His first appearance on record was at Plymouth, MA on a list dated in 1643 of those males between 16 and 60 years and able to bear arms. Probably he was not much over 16 at the time. He bought his first land in Taunton, MA in 1652, and two years later married Sarah Tarne, daughter of Miles Tarne, a leather dresser, of Boston. He bought more land in 1658 and became one of the proprietors of Tauton by 1666.

"Relations with the local Indians became increasingly worse at this period. Finally the conflict known as King Phillip's War broke out. The alarm was given, and Edward and his family fled to the garrison stockade at Taunton, a few miles from their home. According to family tradition, Edward returned home to pick up some item which he had forgotten, but was caught and killed by the Indians before he could get back to the stockade."

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