Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Find A Grave Website and Travel for Family Research

I get nothing from pimping their website, but findagrave.com is amazing. I found a ton of graves on my maternal grandfather's side today, including Jacob and Nancy (nee Foy) Fink who were the first of the Fink line to come to Ohio. They came from Pennsylvania in the 1850s. I don't even remember who all I found but I totally started a spreadsheet to keep track of where who is buried. I didn't have as much luck with my maternal grandmother's or my paternal grandfather's sides though. I'll probably have to give them another look. And I think Grandma Jenny's family needs more research. I have one or two lines traced really far back but most of them end pretty quickly. More research is necessary!

In other news, the reason why I'm doing all this burial research is because I want to travel around and take pictures of as many graves of my ancestors as I can. Right now, I'm just looking at Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Then maybe later on I can look at Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia...you get the point. I would love to travel to New England at some point, especially to Plymouth.

My mom and I are already planning a trip to Jackson and Gallia counties for the Fink side. And we'll probably be heading down to the Powers reunion this summer so while we're down there, we might as well hit the Menifee and Bath county cemeteries....

I'm combining my love of travel with my family obsession. Awesome.

Tonight my mom was telling me about the old family homestead in Gallia. Apparently when great aunt Nora passed away, no one paid the taxes on the property and it ended up sold (for strip mining) for back taxes. How sad is that? I'm a little determined to find where the land was, maybe go take a picture while I'm over there. But land records (at least historical ones) are beyond my current research abilities. I may have to do some major research to even find out where to start looking. I tried tonight, but with no luck. I may contact the Gallia County Genealogical Society for help.

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