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How Long My Family Has Been In Indiana 1

My father was born in Indiana. After my recent post on how long my family has been in Ohio, I thought I'd see how long his branch has been in Indiana. And I found out that the Forkner / Clifford branch has been there, just as long as the Finks have been in Ohio. There's so much information though, that I plan to split this post. So here's the first post covering the first six families.

Family #1 - Clifford, Pierce, Forkner, Cookman

10. Johnathon Clifford was born in 1769 in Rumney, Grafton, New Hampshire. He resided in Barnet, Vermont and Fayette County, Indiana and died in 1836 in Fayette, Indiana.

9. His wife Sarah Pierce was born in 1774 in Barnet, Caledonia, Vermont and died in 1862 in Indiana.

8. Johnathon and Sarah had a son , Isaac. He was born in 1812 in Vermont and married in 1841. I don’t have a death date for him, or a location of his marriage or death. However, considering that his parents died in Indiana and his son was born in Indiana, one can assume that he at least lived in the state for a period of time.

7. Emery Clifford is the son of Isaac and his wife Mary. He was born in 1842 in Fairview, Fayette County, Indiana (the first Clifford born in Indiana!) and married Letitia Makepeace in 1864. He died in 1915 in Indiana. IN

6. Emery and Letitia had a son named Hadley, who was born in Anderson, Indiana in 1869. This is our first Anderson birth! He married Daisy Hollingsworth in 1891 and died in 1957 in Anderson, Madison County, Indiana.

5. Harriet Clifford was Hadley and Daisy’s daughter. She was born in 1898 in Anderson Indiana and married Samuel Ray Forkner in 1918 in Anderson, Indiana. I don’t have a death date for her.

4. Harriet’s daughter is my grandmother – Kathleen Frances Forkner. She was born in Indiana and married Donald Cookman.

3. Their son Clifford (my father) was also born in Indiana. However, he moved to Ohio, so as we already know, I was born there and not in Indiana. BUT, my uncles’ children (2) were all born in Indiana and my cousins’ Casi and Jessica both have children that were born in Indiana (1). So that gives us ten generations of the family in Indiana.

Family #2 - The Sangstons, who married into the Cliffords.

9. Isaac Sangston died in 1828 and resided in Fayette County, Indiana.

8. His son William was died in 1833 and resided in Brownsville, Indiana.

7. And his daughter Mary Sangston married Isaac Clifford. She was born in 1822 and died in 1866. I don’t have locations for either, but assume she lived in Indiana for at least a period of time, since her father and grandfather lived in Indiana and her son was born in Indiana.

Family #3 - The Makepeaces, who also married into the Cliffords

8. Amasa Makepeace was born in 1777, married in 1800 and died in 1848 in Chesterfield, Union Township, Madison County, Indiana. He resided in Norton, Mass. and Chesterfield, Indiana.

8. Betsey Babbitt was born in 1784 and died in 1858 in Chesterfield, Madison County, Indiana.

7. Amasa and Betsey’s son Alfred was born in 1804 in Norton Mass. I also found that he may have been born in Chesterfield, Madison County, Indiana. He married Hannah Irish in 1828 in Madison County Indiana, resided in Anderson, and died in 1874.

6. Their daughter Letitia (Emery Clifford’s wife) was born 1842 in Chesterfield Indiana and died in 1926 in Anderson Indiana. She lived in both cities during her lifetime.

Family #4 - The Irishs, who married into the Makepeace family

8. James M Irish was born in the 1780s in New York and married in Rensselaer County, New York. He died around 1861 either in Texas or in Madison County, Indiana. Since he’s buried in Madison County, I personally lean towards Indiana as his death place, unless they moved his body.

8. His wife Elizabeth Dibble was born in the late 1780s / early 1790s in Connecticut and died in 1869 in Pendleton, Madison County, Indiana.

7. James and Elizabeth’s daughter Hannah (wife of Amasa Makepeace) was born in 1810 in Nassau, Rensselaer County, New York and died in 1858 in Anderson, Madison County, Indiana.

Family #5 - The Hollingsworths, who married into the Cliffords

8. Elias Hollingsworth was born in 1794 in Fish Dam Townhip, Old 96th District, Union County, South Carolina. He married Elizabeth Curtis in 1814 in Clark County Ohio and died in 1846 in Osage County Missouri. He may have lived in Indiana for a time before moving on to Missouri.

8. His wife Elizabeth was born in 1795 in Harrison County, Virginia and died in 1849 in Indiana, either in Lafayette, Tippecanoe County or Richland Township, Madison County. You may remember Elizabeth from my Pioneers post a little while ago – she was the first white woman in Madison County.

7. Elias and Elizabeth’s son James was born in 1815 in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio. He married Mary Elizabeth Shinkle in 1836 in Fall Creek, Madison County, Indiana. James died in 1902in Lafayette Township Tippacanoe County Indiana.

6. James and Mary Elizabeth had a son named George, the first Hollingsworth born in Anderson, Indiana, in 1843. He married Mary Farmer in 1858 and died in the early 1890s in Anderson, Indiana.

5. Daisy Hollingsworth was the daughter of George and Mary. She was born in 1873, probably in Indiana since that is where he father was born. She died in 1940 in Anderson, Indiana. She was the wife of Hadley Clifford, mentioned above.

Family #6 - The Shinkles who married into the Hollingsworths

8. Henry Shinkle was born in the mid 1790s in Pennsylvania, probably in Heidleberg. He married his wife Maria Margaret in 1814 in Feesburg Ohio and died in 1857 in Osage Missouri. I’d like to note here that my great uncle Dick’s research puts Henry’s death in 1827. Henry lived in Indiana.

7. Mary Elizabeth Shinkle (wife of James Hollingsworth) was born in 1819 in Feesburg, Ohio. She died in 1891 in Indiana, either in Anderson or in Lafayette Township, Madison County.

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