Monday, July 22, 2013

Gravestone 17 Amasa and Betsey Makepeace in Otterbien Cemetery, Chesterfield, IN.

Amasa and Betsey Makepeace's obelisk in Otterbein Cemetery, Chesterfield, IN. It is off to the left as you enter the cemetery, near a large tree.

 Close up of Amasa Makepeace's carving. He is my 5th great grandfather on the Forkner-Clifford line. Otterbein Cemetery.

Close up of Betsey Makepeace's carving. She is my 5th great grandmother on the Forkner-Clifford line. Otterbein Cemetery.  She was born Elizabeth Babbitt and called Betsey.

And we just take a moment to reflect on how surprisingly old they were when they died? Amasa was seventy while Betsey lived to the age of seventy-one!

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