Monday, July 22, 2013

Gravestones 13 - 15 Nelson Cemetery in Madison County IN

I took this picture of Nelson Cemetery, with the side visible because there was one grave we were unable to find. My research shows that Elizabeth (nee Curtis) Hollingsworth, the first white woman in Madison County, is buried here but her grave is unmarked and forgotten. She is my 5th great grandmother on the Forkner-Hollingsworth line.
 Hannah (nee Cornelious) Forkner, Jesse's wife and my 5th great grandmother on the Forkner line. If you can see, the last name is spelled "Falkner" instead of the modern Forkner. Nelson Cemetery, Madison County, IN.

Finding this grave was kind of funny. My Aunt Sarah knew where Jesse's grave was but my research said Hannah was buried there was well. I remember turning from Jesse's grave and seeing "HANNAH" with "wife of Jesse Falkner" underneath. I looked at my aunt and said something along the lines of "I bet that's Jesse's wife's grave".

If my memory serves me right (my research is not at hand), Forkner was "Falconer" then "Faulkner" then "Falkner" and finally was changed to the modern "Forkner" spelling.
 Jesse Forkner, my 5th great grandfather on the Forkner side. Buried at Nelson Cemetery in Madison County, IN. Him and his wife are along the east side border.

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