Friday, March 11, 2011

Fearless Females March 10 - Religion

March 10 — What role did religion play in your family? How did your female ancestors practice their faith? If they did not, why didn’t they? Did you have any female ancestors who served their churches in some capacity?

We’ve been members of the Church of God, Anderson IN for four generations. My great grandmother Sarah Helen worked with the revivals before she married. She used to play the piano for W.F. Chappell’s revivals in Kentucky. My grandmother has always been involved. She used to lead the Women of the Church of God group and I think she still participates. My mother goes to church most Sundays and Bible study every Wednesday. Growing up, she says that she went to church twice on Sundays and on Wednesdays. The family helped clean the church as well. I grew up in the church and still consider myself a member of the Church of God, I just don’t attend very often anymore.

My great grandmother Harriet on the Forkner side (she was born a Clifford) was a member of the Disciples of Christ. Her daughter, my grandma Katie, still attends that church. And she has been very active musically – playing in the handbell choir, playing the organ for services and I also think she’s sang in the choir.


  1. Leah... I've just been scanning in old photos of the Clifford family. My grandmother, Mary Clifford Matthew and your great grandma Harriet were sisters. Lots of pictures of Emery Clifford's siblings, and their children, as well as a few of the Makepeace family. I'd love to share them with you. We may have met at one time or another at family reunions in Indiana. Let me know how to get in touch with you. I'm a Presbyterian ministers by the way. Cousin Tricia

  2. Hi Tricia, you can email me at Leah Wilde is actually a pseudonym I use for costuming purposes. My real name is Jennilee Cookman and I'm the granddaughter of Harriet's daughter Kathleen. I'd love any photos you can provide.