Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fearless Females March 4 - Wedding Stories and Photos

March 4 — Do you have marriage records for your grandparents or great-grandparents? Write a post about where they were married and when. Any family stories about the wedding day? Post a photo too if you have one.

My parents were married on Friday July 13, 1979. My mother always wanted a September wedding, but my grandparents had married on a Friday the 13th and my father wanted to as well, so they wed in July. The church (First Church of God on Pleasant Ave in Hamilton OH which is no longer. Well the building’s there but another church owns it now unfortunately. I miss that church) had a courtyard and that is where the wedding was supposed to take place. However, there was a thunderstorm that day and so the wedding took place in the sanctuary.

My mother still (jokingly) berates my father for it, since she wanted a September wedding.

My mother with her father on her wedding day

I don’t know any stories about either of my grandparents’ weddings.

However, we do have an heirloom wedding dress. My grandfather William was in Korea and was sent to Japan for R&R. He purchased some Japanese silk and sent it to my grandma Jenny for her wedding dress. It has a high neck because she was so skinny that she wanted to hide her collarbones (I take after her, except that I like to display my collarbones, I think they’re pretty) and a little bit of a train, she made it as long as she could with the fabric she was given. When my great aunt Marilyn married a few years later, she wore the dress as well. And my mother wore it when she married my father. The dress has been improperly stored and needs some repair work done, but as a seamstress I know I can handle it. When I marry, I plan to wear the dress with the Brussels lace wedding veil that my grandma Jenny bought me when she took me to Brussels when I was seventeen.

This is my dad's parents, Grandpa Stub (aka Donald) and Grandma Katie at their Friday the 13th wedding.

And this is my mom's parents, Grandpa Bill and Grandma Jenny at their wedding. That is the dress that I have inherited.

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